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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As spring will soon turn to summer....

We find ourselves in Gemini's natal position.
Gemini - the trickbag of the signs - the sign of the twins - mutable (read: fluent communication & flexible), air (read: mental realm), masculine (read: not receptive like the feminine energy). This sign thinks it is Peter Pan guiding us into perpetual summer.
Do not get me wrong - I have a fair amount of Gemini in my chart - but boy! These folks change their minds like the wind (air)..and their moods, and their phone numbers, residences, their looks and their partners - better yet - they like multiples of everything.
They are perpetually and eternally youthful. Not a bad thing, eh?
Perhaps the most mentally agile of all signs, they can also drive a more fixed sign (like Taurus) absolutely nuts.
Geminis are the Jabberwockys of the zodiac. They are all Grade A, world class talkers...and the sweet darlings simply need someone (ok, many people) to listen. 
They have all manner of communication devices, toys, books, stuff to keep them plugged in.
Johnny Depp is a Gemini. 'Nuff said there....
Bob Dylan. A word genius. No doubt.
Helena Bonham Carter who drove Tim Burton, a Virgo, so mad, as to buy a separate flat in the same building! Best relationship ever!!! Still going strong!
Let's not forget Naomi Campbell conking folks over the noggin with her cell phone (how appropriate).
Walt Whitman "I Sing The Body Electric". Wow.
Judy Garland. At once evoking sympathy and admiration.
Marilyn Monroe - who studied at the Actors Guild and was a serious student of Russian! Hey - look who she married!  She was one smart cookie! That 'Girl" never has gotten enough credit for her intellect due to her sex bomb image. I seriously doubt that Arthur Miller married a dummy!
So many more....the list goes on and on.
A bit of mad genius, a lot of the child, a command of the language, charm, wit - is it any wonder these Twins get a bad rap when they pitch one of their out-of-the-blue tantrums?
That air can turn into a tornado with no apparent reason. The Gemini does not understand him/herself. How can we mere mortals understand them?
Ruled by Mercury, they are all razor sharp. Be careful. That tongue is sharp too!
The poor things also fret, are nervous wrecks and they worry so well they should get paid for it.
Try a little tenderness....let them talk, talk, talk, talk.....and get them to calm down by plunking them in a car and driving them around new and quirky neighborhoods.
Geminis love to know all of the local shopkeepers. They like to frequent their haunts, but throw something in that is new and fresh just to keep them on their toes (and out of depression).
If they do go into the doldrums, refresh their memory of a childhood ritual. This calms them down and gives them a point of reference in the turbulent skies of their mind.
Motion is key. Does the body follow the mind or the mind follows the body?
No matter...just be certain their rooms are piling over with their books, papers, magazines, astronomy instruments, gadgets, "stuff". If you cannot stand to look at the mess, shut the door. Trust me - they keep an account of all their treasures. Mess or not.
If you want to get rid of them, bore them to tears with your own problems. They will be gone faster than you can count to 11.
But why would you want to run them off after they so often turn on that considerable charm and fill you with the sense of wonderment that you have not felt since you were a kid ?
So, if you want to gift them, here are some perfect soaps for your Gemini peeps....

Gardener's Soap with Calming Lemon Balm


Confetti has soothing, calming and soporific lavender (so does our "French Breeze", another great choice), plus Confetti  is a carnival of amusement to gaze upon. Got to keep those minds busy!
Yellow is the color of Gemini, so a citrus may be in order. Our "Lemon Silk Chiffon" will do the trick. "Grapefruit" and "Yuzu Bundles" will work too!
If all else fails, you might consider spontaneously flying a kite with your Gemini. Loosen up. Go to a zoo, a carnival, an ice cream stand, a Disney movie. See a silly movie. Have FUN.
This business of being an adult day in and day out is not all it is cracked up to be!
With so much Pleasure, Joy and Beauty......

PS You can find these soaps at our Etsy shop, but beware, a Gemini does not really want to calm down!


  1. Hello! I have been following and LOVE the look and sound of your soaps... but I am actually writing to say that I am a Gemini! And wow... you just pretty well described me to a tee! Yup that's me! Wow - you are good at this.... xo Jen

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for your kind comments!
    Thank you for reading and following, I really appreciate it!
    Angelic Hugs and Happy Birthday,

  3. Remember Virgos are mutable and ruled by Mercury, too. Maybe Helena & Tim exchanged one too many barbs. ;-D

  4. No doubt!! ((hug))
    I do suspect that sweet, orderly, precise Virgo
    just could not deal with the 'free-spirited' Gemini!
    Thanks for the post, MM!!!