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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mid Winter and Ready for Spring!

In anticipation of Spring, I whipped up two different batches of cold process Gardener's Soap. The first soap is scented with a nice Lemon Balm fragrance oil and Geranium essential oil. I colored the soap with bright  green oxide and turmeric - because I am sick of gray days. I also threw in some cornmeal for scrubby action.
It is a tad bright! I am going to call it "Green Thumb Gardener's Soap"
Here are some photos -

In the new mold after the pour....
Out of the mold after 15 hours....cut into, these should be ready by March 21st!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your garden soap - such a nice green.

    I really like your soapin style. Very nice!


  2. Michele ... wow!
    Thanks so much!!!
    Appreciate the comment!

  3. That is some lean, green, fightin' dirt machine soap - it's the perfect antidote to a dull and dreary winter =)

  4. Thanks, Anne-Marie!!! Means so much to me to see your comments here!