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Monday, January 4, 2010

A few pics of new soap

On New Years Eve, I broke out the cauldron and celebrated the Blue Moon and the Eclipse with two new hot process soaps - Lime, Mint and Patchouly and an Amber with blue swirls against an dark orange base. I chose an elegant base formula that is super-moisturizing because of the bitterly cold winter most of us are experiencing.
On New Years Day, it dawned on me that Valentine's Day is looming in the very near future.
Slight panic set in. I have already made some soaps and shipped most of them off for the romantic day, but I still need some basic stock.
I felt inspired to make some feminine, looking forward-to-spring soap.
Here they are ....

Above is Clementine-Tuberose soap, complete with the remainder of the soap loaf from which I have cut a few chunky bars. This soap has a lovely, not too sweet scent, plus the naturally rustic appearance from the hot process method. There is also a drop of precious Jasmine (an intoxicating flower!) and some rosehips.
Next, is my Cherry Blossoms soap (below). The scent is sweet, but not sickening, and has a nuance of musk and something else that elevates it to the rarefied air of a costly-smelling fragrance. No kidding. Cherry Blossoms also has the rustic appearance that hot process lends. There are a few threads of creamy white running through the soap, intertwined with French pink clay. Very reminiscent of the revered spring-blooming trees!

These soaps will be released for sale in less than three weeks.
I will also attempt to get photos of the Blue Moon Amber (perfect for a man or a woman!) and the divine Lime-Spearmint-Patchouly. Patchouly never smelled so good!! Forget the stigma of the 60s....
All of the above soaps feature coconut milk instead of water, lending a very creamy, yet bubbly lather.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I am attempting to tweak my blog here and there, and hopefully will be able to post more soap pics that can be purchased directly from this site.
I also need to restock my Etsy store. I have many soaps that have cured nicely, but before I put them up for sale, I need to document, label, etc. Not my favorite occupations, did you know?
Keep the faith - the winter will not last forever....a nice hot bath or shower and a handmade soap is pure luxury. We are so lucky to be able to indulge!
In Love, Peace and Beauty..........

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